Volunteering is a wonderful way to get to know the school and other families. 有很多方法可以参与进来.

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  • Admission Volunteers

    招生办需要住得近和远的志愿者. Current parents play an important role in helping to identify qualified candidates, encouraging them to apply, 并提供支持和信息.
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  • Host Families

    住在附近的父母可以自愿作为寄宿家庭, offering international students a supportive off-campus contact who is ready with advice, friendship, an occasional refuge, or a home-cooked meal.
  • Parent Fund Volunteers

    Parent Fund volunteers are assigned a group of parents (often in their child’s form) and encourage generous participation in the Groton Fund, 学校运营预算的重要组成部分. Parents need not need live nearby to participate—parents all around the country and the globe have been effective Parent Fund volunteers.
  • 在你的区域举办聚会

  • New Parent Liaison

    现任父母有独到的见解和智慧提供给新父母. Liaisons contact new families to offer guidance about the transition to boarding school life and Groton’s unique culture.
  • 家长周末欢迎会

    与易胜博app安卓下载相处至少一年的父母可能会问候, direct, 在家长周末期间协助家长.

Parents FAQ


  • Q. 如果我担心我的孩子,我该怎么办?

    Parents are encouraged to be in touch with their child’s advisor on any matter of concern. 你孩子的宿舍负责人也是一个宝贵的资源. Contact information for advisors, dorm heads, and other faculty and staff is in the online directory.
  • Q. How are advisors assigned? Can my child change advisors?

    Groton considers this relationship enormously important and tries to match incoming students with adults according to shared interests or the likelihood that student and advisor will have routine contact throughout the week. Each new student is assigned a faculty advisor for the first year; thereafter, 学生可以要求不同的指导老师. Advisor changes for the following year are managed in the spring through the Deans’ Office; students are instructed on the process if they would like a new advisor.
  • Q. How are dorms supervised?

    宿舍负责人每周有三个晚上在宿舍值班, and affiliates (other faculty members) cover the dorm on the other three nights. 那四个成年人轮流在星期六晚上值班. When you arrive in September, you will receive a card with the names and phone numbers of your child’s advisor and dorm head, 还有其他重要的数字.
  • Q. What should my child wear?

    Groton’s dress code, adopted in 2022, intends to create gender-neutral expectations that lead to conversation rather than discipline, 为学生提供广泛的服装选择, 也反映了学校包容和归属感的核心精神.

    欲了解更多信息,家长和学生可以 sign into myGroton 并参阅学生/家长手册.
  • Q. 那亚麻布和衣物呢?

    所有学生应自备洗衣袋或洗衣篮. 学生可以自己洗衣服或使用E&R laundry service. 

    Washer/dryers are in each dorm and can be used with quarters or with the CSCPay mobile phone app. 要使用这款应用,需要安装它,并创建一个与信用卡相关联的账户. The phone will connect to the machine via Bluetooth; you may scan the machine's QR code or enter the number on the front of the machine.

    E&R可以洗床单/衣服和干洗,这取决于所选择的程序. E&R collects laundry on Friday mornings and returns it to school on Tuesday mornings. If you sign up for E&R’s service, 你不需要提供亚麻布或枕头, 但无论如何,许多学生更喜欢自带床上用品. (床垫是双人床尺寸,74英寸长.)
  • Q. 我的孩子需要手机吗?

  • Q. 我的孩子应该带什么电子产品?

    Students should bring an alarm clock; they should not rely on their cell phone alarm because in some dorms phones are not permitted in the room after lights-out. 一个坚固的台灯也是可取的.

    更重要的是他们应该做什么 not bring: TVs, coffee pots, hotpots, toasters, hot plates, refrigerators, rice cookers, 微波炉是不允许的,会被没收的.

    Game systems and large computer monitors (typically used as movie or game screens) also are forbidden. Please help us keep your child focused in an age of potentially overwhelming distractions.
  • Q. 我的孩子可以带额外的家具吗?

    每个高级学校房间仅限于一件额外的家具, 那件作品必须得到院长的批准. 低年级学生可能不会把任何额外的家具带进他们的房间. 禁止使用重型可拉沙发, as they cause considerable cosmetic damage to the dorm as they are lugged in and out of the dorm.

    所有房间都有足够的家具, 包括一个有四五个抽屉的柜子, closets, and shelves.
  • Q. 我的孩子在校园里可以保留一辆自行车吗?

    是的,但是在冬天,所有的自行车必须存放在宿舍的地下室. During fall and spring, bikes must be locked into the bike racks around campus. 如果你带自行车,你必须带一把锁和一个头盔.
  • Q. Should students bring snacks?

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, each dorm will have a full-sized refrigerator and the Dining Hall will stock it with snacks. Students may bring a very limited supply of snacks from home, but this is not necessary. 大多数宿舍的厨房都有水槽和微波炉.
  • Q. 宿舍里有储物空间吗?

    Storage space is limited: please discourage your child from bringing unnecessary items and excessive amounts of clothing. 如果可能的话,不要一次带所有季节的衣服.

    Students who must travel home by airplane are permitted a limited amount of storage space over the summer. 对于那些物品不适合分配空间的学生, or for those who wish to store items over the summer despite their home's relative proximity to Groton, off-site storage is available, for a fee.
  • Q. How do students handle money?

    学生证也是借记卡,家长可以预支资金. 学生可以在学校商店使用这些卡, athletic store, 或者到收发室窗口取钱. Parents can deposit to their child’s debit card accounts either online (或给学校写一张支票. 更多信息可在 Business Office page. 学生每天最多可提取30美元,每周可提取50美元. There is also an ATM.
  • Q. 我的孩子将如何接收邮件?

    每个学生在收发室都有一个邮箱. 邮票在收发室的窗口出售, 工作人员可以帮助需要使用UPS或联邦快递的学生. 每个学生都有一个易胜博app安卓下载电子邮件账户.
  • Q. 如果学生丢了东西怎么办?

    Label everything. 每件物品上都应该绣上、写上或蚀刻上你孩子的名字. The school is not responsible for reimbursing people for lost or damaged articles, 所以学生必须爱护自己的物品. Students should notify the Deans’ Office if they believe an item has been deliberately taken.
  • Q. 我的孩子怎么回家过假期和长周末?

    在假期和长周末的开始, 学校派公共汽车去纽约, Connecticut, Boston, Logan Airport, 曼彻斯特(NH)机场. Most breaks begin at 11:30 a.m.所以你绝不能在下午2点前安排起飞航班.m.
    Occasionally, athletic games or tournaments fall on the afternoon when vacations or Long Weekends begin, 因此,在确定旅行计划之前,请与您的孩子确认一下.
    After vacations, buses return to school from New York City, Connecticut, Logan, and Manchester. 具体的时间表请参阅学生/家长手册.
  • Q. 我的孩子能早点离开学校吗?

    No. Please do not request early departures or late returns for vacations or Long Weekends. The school will not allow students flying abroad to depart from school on early morning flights; no student flying abroad may leave before classes end. 如果你预计会有困难,请联系一位院长.
  • Q. 我的孩子可以在课间休息时留在学校吗?

    感恩节期间学生不得留在校园, Christmas, Winter Long Weekend, 三月放假,因为学校放假. Please make plans in advance and let the Deans’ Office know if you foresee any difficulty for your child. 学生不得在宿舍正式开放前返回.
  • Q. 学校可以护送我的孩子通过机场吗?

    Some airlines require that children under 15 be accompanied or escorted by someone 18 or older. 易胜博app安卓下载不能提供这样的护送. Please research the airline you are using and contact a dean immediately if you foresee difficulty.
  • Q. 我可以自己租校车公司吗?

    在繁忙的旅行时间(假期和长周末), Yankee Line may not have the resources to provide individualized transportation, so please plan on having your child use the buses at the times we have organized. The visitor's guide 对特殊情况下的运输提出一些建议, 当学校提供的巴士可能无法使用时.